Local Art on Display


The library will be hanging pieces of art produced by local artists:

  • to enhance the appearance of our wall space
  • to provide local artists with a public venue to display talents
  • to encourage members of the community to visit the library

Artists are to arrange the setup time and provide contact information to the art coordinator. Artists are to setup their own art display.

Artists will be invited to hold a reception at the library announcing their display and will be responsible for advertising and supplies.

Food and non-alcoholic beverages may be offered at the reception. The date and time of the reception will be arranged with the art coordinator.


Artists will hang their art at designated times on designated walls. The library will supply the required hanging supplies, i.e. picture rail hooks and wire.

Only pieces of art that can be suspended from the picture rails will be considered for display. Tape or adhesive of any kind is NOT to be used to attach the suspension wire to the art piece. The wire is to be attached securely to the mounting structure of the art piece.

The intent is to project the library as a quality art display venue.

Information about each art piece and price is to be printed on a card attached to the back of the art piece showing forward.

There are to be no free-standing displays of any kind as the display rooms are used by other patrons.

Business cards and the like may be suspended from the picture rails in suitable envelopes for art viewers to take.

Artists are asked to provide an autobiography along with their contact information for prospective purchasers to be displayed at the entrance of the display room.

Prospective purchasers are to contact the artist directly. The artist and purchaser will then conduct their transaction independent of the library. If, however, a transient viewer wishes to purchase a piece of art, the library staff will accept payment as posted and will store it for the artist in a separate envelope but will not issue any receipt or offer any packaging for the purchased art. The art coordinator will be informed so the piece may be replaced in the display.

When an art piece is sold, it is to remain on display or replaced by another piece of art so as not to leave a gap in the display.


Artists along with the art coordinator will arrange a time for removal of the art display. The art coordinator will pass this information on to the library staff. The remover must identify themselves to the library staff prior to removing the art.

Artists will be expected to pick up their art pieces at the end of the showing period. The library will not store any art pieces prior to or after the display.

Artists will remit 20% of the posted purchase price as a donation to the library at the time of removing their art pieces. This donation is to be recorded by the library staff. This remittal is to be done on the honour system between the artist and the library.

The library will not provide any insurance for any works of art displayed at the library by the artist. Artists are responsible for their own insurance.

Contact us for more information.