Join the Ramblers

We invite you to apply for Membership in the Ramblers.


1. A valid Library Membership in good standing at the Sheep River Library is required to join the Ramblers. There is no separate fee to join the Ramblers. The Sheep River Ramblers is a program of the Sheep River Library and the Library bears the costs.

2. Ramblers are required to sign and submit the current version of the Release of Liability Waiver Form for the Sheep River Ramblers (view here) before they can participate in any Rambler hikes or walks.

Application Process

1. Complete and submit our online Membership Request form using the link below.

Online Ramblers Membership Request Form

2. Your submitted form will be emailed to the Ramblers coordinator for review. At the same time, you will receive an email acknowledging your submission. A copy of the current Waiver will be attached to this email.

3. Once reviewed, you will receive an email from the Ramblers coordinator confirming your request and inviting you to the Library to complete any required Membership steps and submit your signed Waiver.

4. You can also visit the Library in-person to complete the signup process.

Annual Renewal Process

1. Library Memberships are renewed annually. When you come into the Library to renew your Membership you can make any changes to your Ramblers Membership (e.g., updated contact information).

2. You will also be required to download, sign and submit the current version of the Waiver. You can download the current version using the link below. Copies will also be available at the Library.

Download Release of Liability Waiver Form for the Sheep River Ramblers


If you have any questions please contact Gita at the Library.
You can visit the Library, call 403-933-3278 or email