Plan of Service 2016 - 2021


Connecting communities to a world of knowledge


Sheep River Library will enhance our communities by providing access to resources for life-long learning

Sheep River Library will maintain and develop collections that will support life-long learning, satisfy curiosity, stimulate imagination, and preserve local history.
  1. Working with input from program partners and community groups, volunteer teachers, and individuals, we will expand the reference and support materials annually.
  2. Establish the collection to preserve local history as it relates to oil and gas, ranching and the Cowboy Trail.
  3. Continue the magazine donor program, expand selection titles by 10% annually, and encourage patrons to use e-resources for magazines.
  4. Expand the availability of program related equipment for patron usage.
  5. Expand the library's permanent art collection.
Sheep River Library will be a viable lifelong learning centre that demonstrates the value of partnerships in the delivery of programs, services, and events in a safe, barrier free, welcoming, comfortable environment.
  1. Support and encourage collaboration with organizations and agencies in the provision of classes.
  2. Explore community resources for additional educational programs; repeat popular sessions, find new options on a continual basis. Solicit feedback from patrons verbally, through surveys, and event/course evaluations.
  3. Expand and review a calendar of special events for the Library that will become a standard of annual activities for which the library is known community-wide.
  4. Develop new and interesting Maker Spaces annually to enhance hands-on experiential learning.
  5. To maintain and improve safety and service, the staff, volunteers and Board will receive:
      • First Aid training and recertification as required bi-annually.
      • Training on fire extinguishers, defibrillators and the security system.
Sheep River Library will develop and implement a comprehensive communication strategy to enable residents of the local communities to be aware of services offered.
  1. Staff and Board will develop a written schedule of strategies for print-based and electronic marketing including brochures, Foothills Continuing Education Council (FCEC), posters, signage, newspapers and webpage, and annually conduct an efficiency evaluation.
  2. Staff will develop a social media marketing strategy using Facebook while continuing to explore any new and relevant social marketing tools.
  3. Staff will develop an email list of patrons by using the Library Aware program.
  4. Fundraise for outdoor electronic signage with installation by 2017.
  5. Continue to participate in community activities and festivals.
  6. Regular monitoring of bulletin boards so that they are interesting, stimulating and current.
Sheep River Library will have governance policies, procedures, and guidelines that articulate the governance and delivery of library services.
  1. Each trustee will seek out opportunities, both formal and informal, in the community to advocate for the library.
  2. Expand upon volunteer recruitment support services and appreciation.
  3. Initiate regular volunteer/staff meetings to facilitate collaboration, respect, support and safety.
  4. Identify cost and implementation requirements for special projects and investigate grant and project support available. Continue the collaboration with Friends of the Sheep River Library and strive for improved communications.
  5. Annually review and update the volunteer donor recognition signage.
  6. Board, manager and Town of Turner Valley will develop a business continuity plan to be followed in the event of an unforeseen prolonged facility closure.
  7. Encourage continuous education and training opportunities for staff, volunteers and Board members including workshops, conferences and courses.Sheep River Library will be in compliance with the Marigold IT document.
Sheep River Library will maintain being on the leading edge of technology and demonstrate the use of current technology options for patrons.
  1. Sheep River Library will be in compliance with the Marigold IT document.
  2. Sheep River Library will explore and implement videoconferencing programs that are available to our community and increase participation in these events by 25% annually.
  3. Continue on-going staff, Board and volunteer training in the use of various e-resources.
  4. Establish regular sessions for patrons to receive instruction in the use of e-resources provided by Marigold Library System and use of new hardware.