Wings Over Canada

Wings Over Canada

Join authors and photographers Ian Wilson and Jacinthe Lavoie as they share their "travelogue with wings" and explore Canada one bird at a time, from shorebirds to songbirds, and raptors to waterfowl.

This 45-minute multimedia presentation is a mix of vivid images, classical music and entertaining stories... from watching the intricate mating ritual of cranes, to cedar waxwings feeding a nest of young birds, and gannets diving for fish. 

Date: Thursday, Apr. 12
Time: 7:00pm
Location: Sheep River Library

Ian Wilson

Ian Wilson has spent many years exploring and photographing northern Canada. His photographs have appeared in many books and magazines across the country. His most recent books are Waterton Wild, Wildflowers of Banff Park, and Wildflowers of Waterton Park.

Ian has also written five bestselling outdoor adventure books. He is now pursuing his passion of photographing nature, and sharing his knowledge with others at photography workshops in Waterton and Banff Parks.

When he's not not wandering in the mountaings, Ian lives in Canmore, Alberta.

Jacinthe Lavoie

Jacinthe Lavoie has been interested in wild creatures since her childhood. With training as a researcher, she has observed and enjoyed nature through each season. Her most recent books are Waterton WildWildflowers of Banff Park, and Wildflowers of Waterton Park.

Jacinthe has also writen twelve educational books. She is now fulfilling her dream of learning more about the outdoor world, and sharing her knowledge with others at nature workshops in Waterton and Banff Parks.

During the seasons when snow blankets the ground, Jacinthe lives in Canmore, Alberta.