Summer at the Library

News Date: 
1 July 2017

School’s out for summer which means the Summer Reading Program with Teagan will be getting under way. From July 12 till August 23 there will be two sessions run each Wednesday.  Four to six year olds start at 10 am and seven to ten year olds begin at 11:10 am. These are free sessions of reading, crafts and games with prizes and rewards to further the love of reading. There will be plenty of outside activities to get the kids out into the sunshine. Participants also get access to the secret content on the Summer Reading Program website.  Make sure you sign up as registration is required. We will also be having our family movie nights on Thursdays as well as some other activities on weekends such as the Stuffie Sleepover. Stay tuned for more details.

The library was pleased to host the Second Annual Local Writers’ Groups get together on June 11. Three local groups -Millarville Community Church Writers’ Group, Monday Morning Writers and the library’s very own Poetry by the Fireside – spent the afternoon listening to each other’s work which covered a wide spectrum. Stories about life up North, cowboy poetry, humorous poems, snippets of autobiographies, recollections of missionary trips and hilarious fictional stories were shared and well received. If you are interested in finding out about any of these groups please ask us at the library and we will point you in the write (right) direction!  Our Poetry by the Fireside group meets monthly and is facilitated by Doris Daley who sends out a photo each month to be an inspiration for an original poem. For June, the theme was Canada’s 150th birthday. What follows here, is my response to that theme. Enjoy!
Canada 150 Poem by Jan Burney
Said the Queen to Prince Phillip as she sipped her tea
“Have you heard what’s happening in the colonies?
A great celebration, in Canada, in July
We’ve been invited, how should we reply?
It appears a great milestone has been reached very quickly
Its birthdays now number one hundred and fifty.”
Prince Phillip looked up and with disdain did question
“So it only started in 1867?
My dear, don’t you realize that by that same date
We Britons had already much to celebrate.
The Battle of Hastings which William won
Counted anniversaries of eight hundred and one.
The Magna Carta, let’s give it its due
Had been in effect for six hundred fifty two
We had buildings like the church of St Peter’s on the Wall
Standing in place for six centuries and more.
When Shakespeare was pondering whether to be or not
There were two hundred and fifty eight years in the pot
Buckingham palace home to me and you
Had been here solidly for one hundred sixty two.
Think of the battles, the wars, the Armada
Our victories are countless, our resolve even harder.
One hundred and fifty! Oh what a laugh!
You’ve been the monarch for almost half.
A year -long party for a sesquicentennial
When England could celebrate its own millennial?
They need more centuries under their belt
Congratulations then would be more heart felt.
So send your reply to Trudeau the younger
“We won’t be setting our feet on your tundra.”
One fifty is nothing to celebrate
Send him the youngsters; send Will & Kate.